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Utility Station Lat Machine & Cables - 0805698482936 - CC-US
Utility Station Lat Machine & Cables - 0805698482936 - CC-US
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360 Utility Station Lat Machine & Cables - 0805698482936 - CC-US Utility Station Lat Machine & Cables - 0805698482936 - CC-US Utility Station Lat Machine & Cables - 0805698482936 - CC-US Utility Station Lat Machine & Cables - 0805698482936 - CC-US

Utility Station

Ref. CC-US

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Meticulously Designed in Italy
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The compact, professional quality Cable Station!

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1 rating(s) - 1 review(s)

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More info

Utility Station is a Cable Station designed for the most discerning Personal Studios and Home Gyms: professional quality, fluid movements, Lacertosus Style in a functional and captvating space.

The mechanics of this station is also used in the commercial gyms all over the world, this ensures a great feeling with the equipment. The structure is robust and compact in size, this guarantees maximum support, also with higher loads.

The Utility Station is equipped with a 95kg weight stack that can be selected through a magnetic retention PIN: comfortable, secure method. The rubber band hooks allow you to vary the load during the movement. The cable outlet is adjustable in 21 positions: from a minimum of 35cm from the ground up to a maximum of 190cm. The adjustment is quick and safe: the mechanism is precise and requires only one hand to operate, the locking pin guarantees a stable position after the adjustment. 

All pulleys are in aluminum mounted on sealed ball bearings, the cable is made of high-strength steel covered in self-lubricating plastic material to minimize friction and ensure safety and fluidity during use. The cable stroke is 200cm, more than enough to guarantee a correct execution of any exercise. Nothing is left to chance: these technical measures guarantee a fluid and constant movement of the weight stack throughout the entire motion range in line with Lacertosus’ high standards for equipment intended for professional use.

The training experience with the Utility Station will leave you completely satisfied with the ideal product for the best home gyms.

Some of the exercises you can perform with the Utility Station are:

- Triceps: Push-down, French Press, concentrated triceps, push downs with the rope

- Biceps: cable curl, single curl, concentrated curl, double curl

- Shoulders: External and internal rotators, reverse crosses

- Legs and buttocks: Pushes and anklets, adductors and abductors

- Chest: pushes, pull-over, crosses

- Core: rotation, overload crunches, movements in 3 dimensions

Utility Station is equipped with a pull-up bar with which you can perform exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, suspension crunches in complete safety thanks to the safe and ergonomic grip.

With the Multibar (not included) you can simulate the barbells‘ training using the weight stack of the Utility Station.

The handles allow a stable support during unilateral exercise, for example for pushes and anklets, external and internal shoulder rotators.

Thanks to the numerous accessories for the cables, you can differentiate grips and exercises; different training stimuli are the key to improve your own performance and the wellness of your body.

To discover the entire line of the available cable-attachment, click here: ATTACCHI CAVI

Distance between handles pulleys: 1492 mm

Pull-up bar Height from the ground: 2055.5 mm

Pull-up bar maximum width: 1140 mm

Pull-up bar minimum width: 200 mm

Did you notice?

The 95kg weight stack is suitable for any user: from rehabilitation to advanced athletes, a choice that meets the needs of all!

Maybe you didn't know that...

The professional quality with which the Utility Station is made, allows you to perform numerous exercises, just as if you are in a real commercial gym, uncompromising.


For safety reasons, we advise you to fix the Utility Station to the floor.

Data sheet

UseHome, Amateur, Commercial
Handle diameter32 mm
Net weight385 Kg
MaterialStandard Steel
Product size1750x1017x2206 mm
Packaging weight220 Kg
Warranty2 years
OriginMeticulously Designed in Italy

Reviews (1)

By on 06 May 2023 :

Struttura robusta

Di ottima fattura cone del resto tutti i prodotti LACERTOSUS. Unica pecca senza istruzioni per il montaggio. Chiamato LACERTOSUS telefonicamente e subito un tecnico molto bravo mi ha guidato per il montaggio. Quindi che dire cone sempre brava LACERTOSUS.

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3520,49 €

Net price

Installments 73.34€*- 48 mounths

The compact, professional quality Cable Station!

Utility Station

Ready for delivery

1 rating(s) - 1 review(s)

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