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A very ancient yet incredibly effective tool: the very first rudimentary kettlebells were already used among Shaolin monks, who used these heavy balls equipped with a handle to strengthen their muscles. For a long time, kettlebells were practically not only training tools widespread in Russia, especially at the army level. It is no coincidence that, even today, the kettlebell is sometimes called by the Russian name, or Girya. During the last few years these accessories have also gained a permanent place in our professional gyms and in our Home Gyms: we at Lacertosus® were, for example, the first store to introduce competition kettlebells in Italy, among other things. But what are the advantages of kettlebells? It's easy to say: these cannonballs can reach very important weight levels – Lacertosus® kettlebells reach 40 kilograms – but they take up very little space. This is not all, as extremely versatile weights, they can be used for very different exercises: the so-called Kettlebell training, in fact, manages to combine weight training with motor development, coordination and cardiovascular activity (it is no coincidence that Pavel Tsatsouline, known as the greatest coach in the world of Girya, used to say this tool represents “a complete gym held in one hand”.

Kettlebells weights for training and competition

Why buy kettlebells, when you might already have dumbbells? Unlike the latter, the cast iron balls equipped with a handle are characterized by a center of gravity delocalized with respect to the grip. This means that the control of the girya is more difficult and less obvious, requiring – in any type of exercise- a more rigid position, as well as much greater muscle activation. So, if with dumbbells you sometimes tend to perform exercises in a distracted and inaccurate way, with kettlebells, you don't run the risk.

On this page, you can find the Russian Black Kettlebells, first choice for Cross Training Boxes in Italy and Europe, captivating in the design and cast in a single piece of cast iron; next to these there are the Kettlebell Competition, designed for those who aspire to perfection, the result of our obsessive attention to detail. And again, you will also find sets of kettlebells (from 3 to 5 pieces) and racks to keep your tools well organized.

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