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Training timers and sensors

Time is essential for many workouts: there are is no exercise at the gym that doen't need a measurement of the elapsed time. For this reason, timers are indispensable, both in personal format, the ones to to be kept on the wrist or belt, or wall-mounted, and therefore larger. For example, the timer is an indispensable ally for those who practice Cross Training: the beauty of this activity is in fact to condense in a short time many different activities, practically always new, quickly going from one exercise to another. Kettlebells, jumps, running, dumbbells, ropes, backrests, squats, rubber bands, lunges ... all these activities and many others must be performed within well-established time ranges, then assigning the right periods for recovery and so on. This is the reason why the timer becomes so precious, to give rhythm to these intense workouts, a 'gymnastic' tool that, like dumbbells and benches, helps us lose fat mass, increase muscle mass and improve strength, coordination , balance, speed, endurance and explosiveness! Which types of timers though can you choose for your workouts? Well, it all depends on your particular needs: in this category you can find personal timers, to measure your times in any context, and stopwatches to be displayed in plain sight at the gym.

Multifunction stopwatches

Let's begin with the famous Gymboss multifunction chronometers: small, light, versatile, resistant and intelligent, they are the perfect ally for those who want to get back into shape quickly by monitoring their activity at the gym minute by minute! The trick, however, is to always control time without becoming slaves of the clock. This is in fact what happens, for example, to athletes who simply use smartphones: the screen locks up and no longer shows the stopwatch, the smartphone rings but you might not hear it as at the gym loud music is being played, you receive a message and stop the workout to read it ... with Gymboss, nothing like this happens, to have a constant concentration on the workout. To warn you at time expiration, in addition to the classic beep, this multifunction stopwatch vibrates as well, precious for those who put it on the wrist or belt and train with loud music; and don't forget that it counts up to 99 reps! Still here, you can find fixed wall timers - that in standby mode become simple clocks - programmable and with remote control.

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