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FitBalls - SwissBalls

In this category we present you with two anomalous medicine balls, being two gymnastic instruments that have moved significantly away from the concept. Let's talk about Swiss Balls and Fit Balls. The former, in reality, do not need big presentations: it is an extremely common and very simple gym equipment. Swiss Balls, are large spheres that can be used both in the rehabilitation field and in the sports field, to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve postural structure. Actually this tool has several names: it is called, in addition to Swiss Ball, also Balance Ball, Body Ball, Fitness Ball, Gym Ball, Pilates Ball and so on. Designed by an Italian - Aquilino Cosani - in the 1960s, the Swiss Ball owes its success to the Swiss doctor Susan Klein-Vogelbach, who began to use the ball in her rehabilitation therapies. The advantage of Swiss Balls is that they are particularly unstable - for this reason, it is always better not to use them on slippery floors: on the contrary, we recommend floors with excellent grip. This instability forces athletes to continuously adjust their posture, to find balance, thus stimulating muscles that are usually very difficult to involve during training. Exercises with the Swiss Ball can be done without any other exercise equipment, or can be completed with dumbbells. And what are Fit Balls instead?

Fit Ball - Suples

We all know the Bulgarian Bags, invented in 2005 by Ivan Ivanov: it is a crescent-shaped tool that serves to optimize the hands' grip, developing the muscles of the forearms and hands like no other tool. However, Ivan Ivanov himself realized that some movements were not possible with the classic Bulgarian Bag: his evolution was born from here, which is precisely the Fit Ball. It is a very special medicine ball, equipped with two resistant and long straps on the sides, to make the typical movements of the Bulgarian Bags and many other new ones. Here you can find the original Suples® Fit Ball, starting from the 4 kg model up to the 10 kg Fit Ball: for each piece, the color of the vinyl changes, so as to easily distinguish the weights when at the gym. Do you want to increase your strength and at the same time break the record with your cardio workout? In this case, Fit Balls are right for you - especially since, by removing the straps, you can also use them as traditional medicine balls!

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