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WallBalls for CrossTraining

Simply unmistakable: our Wall Balls can be recognized from a long-distance in the best CrossTraining centers. Simple and fun, the Wall Ball is an exercise nowadays widespread, it is included in workouts in which you aim for general conditioning: in fact, it consists in throwing these particular medicine balls against a wall at a variable height, which, however, usually stands at a three-meter height. To correctly use Wall Balls, however, it is necessary to perfectly learn the mechanics of the squat, of the press as well, and the exact technique to grab the ball while in the air without risking injury. In fact, to exercise with a Wall Ball, you stand at about half a meter away from the wall in an upright position, with wide feet and the medicine ball on your chest; perform a squat with heels fixed to the ground and tight elbows, then, go back up fully stretching the hip; the medicine ball is thrown and must be grasped with palms facing the Wall Ball and outstretched arms, with a contracted abdomen, to then bring the medicine ball back to the chest. This works on the buttocks, shoulders, pectorals, quadriceps, abdominals and shoulders. But how does a medicine ball have to be used in this exercise? Well, Wall Balls are very different from the classic medicine balls! First of all, they are giant medballs, therefore, they have a much larger diameter, to allow a wider and more comfortable grip. But above all, they must be comfortable to grab and resistant, to resist the continuous throws on the wall!

Medicine Ball Wall Ball for Crosstraining

Here you can find Wall Balls for CrossTraining from a weight of 4 kilograms to a maximum weight of 15 kilograms: tossing a 15 kilogram medicine ball with the right movements at three meters of height is not as simple as it might seem! But what are our Wall Balls like? Covered in leather and colored differently according to the individual weights, with attention to the smallest detail in the stitching and design, our Wall Balls are tools for gyms of undoubted quality. You can buy them individually, one by one, according to your needs, or you can opt for the sets: in fact, we also sell medicine balls in pairs or in groups of four, to let you have all the main weight cuts for your gym!

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