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Technique Barbells (160cm/ 5-10KG)

Weightlifting: picking up a barbell from the ground and lifting it above your head. Simple right? Generally, Weightlifting, Cross Training and actual weight lifting are sport activities within everyone's reach but learning the correct movements and techniques is far from being easy, especially for younger people who begin discovering barbells during adolescence, even harder for adults. Those who have never been to the gym could think of brute strength as the fundamental component of weight lifting but it is not like that: when you find yourself in front of a barbell loaded with plates, technique, concentration and the connection between your muscles and the nervous system are the factors that count. In order to improve with time, avoid injuries and have fun, it is necessary to learn the lifting techniques, learn how to notice each necessary movement, develop a perfect coordination. Only after grasping these concepts, you can begin working on strenghtening your body.
What can you begin with? With normal 20kg olympic barbells loaded with elite lifters? No sir: in order to learn the right movements it is necessary to start with beginners' lighter barbells, this is why we, at Lacertosus® created the Technique Barbell range, conceived specifically for whoever takes the first steps into the Cross Training and Weightlifting world.

Barbells Junior and for technical training

Therefore, what will you be able to find in this section dedicated to apprentice barbells? First of all, let's start with the technical bar, the first tool every beginner lifter should confront himself with. Usually, for these exercises we rely on PVC dull and ugly pipes, uncomfortable to use and far from resistant. This is why we decided to create beautiful and resistant technical bars, practical and functional with reference rings at the 91st cm, as per the IWF standards. Looking at the youngest, or rather, the very young, we have created the Junior Bar, an extremely light barbell that can be used by the little ones to experience the Weightlifting moves. Still here, you will be able to find more barbells that can help you improve your technique: often, to reach this goal, barbells that are too heavy or that have insufficient qualitative characteristics are being used. We, on the other hand, offer light and elastic barbells, built with best quality materials, with respectable loading rates and a handle as per the IWF standards. Why risk compromising the basics of weight lifting with mediocre technical barbells?

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