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Here you don't joke, and you don't take the easy way. After all, we talk about Powerlifting, here the aim is to raise more and more. Lift more with the squat, lift more on the flat bench, lift more with the deadlift. Independent of Olympic weightlifting since the 1970s, Powerlifting actually needs three basic elements: a barbell, weights, a bench. Put like that, it really seems like a simple thing. However, there are two things to underline: not all the rockers are the same (as not all the disks and all the benches, moreover); and these three tools alone are not enough. No, to make Powerlifting effective, fun and safe, other accessories and other devices are needed, which we will see shortly. Let's start from the barbells: in this section you can find 220cm Powerlifting barbells, of supreme quality, like shorter and lighter technical rods, to improve the technical gesture with the right tool. But that's not all: there are also special barbells here, to vary the lift and train differently: let's talk for examples of the Shrug bar, or the Multitraining bar. Then there are the discs, and here too, as the more experienced powerlifters know, a real universe opens up. The best bumpers are those built with materials that are not only ultra-resistant, but also very, very heavy, in order to be able to make thinner discs, to load the bar more and more. Here you can find discs and bumper plates for Powerlifting for all needs, and for all budgets. Finally, as anticipated, you must also have the right flat bench: you can opt for a simple and spartan flat bench, or you can do more, by purchasing a Competition Powerlifiting Bench, for gyms that want to make clear the supremacy of Powerlifting.

Powerlifting accessories

But to do Powerlifiting, as mentioned, you need more. Thing? Well, you need collars and closures for barbells. And always for the maintenance of the rocker arms, you also need a quality lubricant. To always have a stable grip, to have perfectly dry hands, then you need magnesite, in powder, on the ball and so on. Then you need to protect your joints: that's why Powerlifiting wristbands come into play. And then? Then they serve or rubberized floors, to protect the underlying floor and the weights themselves. Then there are the Powerlifting belts, the Barbell Jacks, and much, much more!

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