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SkiErg Concept2

It is difficult to find a harder and more complete workout than that typical of Nordic skiing: the typical movements of this sport involve legs, arms and torso. Therefore, to allow athletes who practice cross-country skiing to train even in the height of summer, as well as to allow everyone else to take advantage of these movements to develop power and endurance, those of Concept 2 have developed the legendary SkiErg, a high quality cardio machine for the gym. How does a SkiErg work? The concept is simple: using the principle that has already been used for the famous Rower Concept2, in this case as well, everything is based on air resistance. That's right: the resistance that the athlete has to contrast during training is not created by some electronic mechanism, but by the air involved in the economy of the gym machine. Warning: the absence of an engine does not automatically translate into the absence of precise effort monitoring. On the contrary, the SkiErg Concept 2 features an advanced electronic monitoring system, with a monitor that provides the athlete with accurate and real-time data during training. For those who want to get back into shape quickly, for those who want to increase power and endurance, for the cross-country skier who wants to be in top shape at the beginning of the ski season: SkiErg is a cardio machine capable of giving great satisfaction to many athletes!

SkiErg Concept 2

Nordic skiing is a rhythmic, efficient movement that involves the whole body. The same happens with the SkiErg Concept 2, with the athlete having full control of the required resistance: the greater the muscular effort, the greater is the resistance opposed by the SkiErg fan. This way, this gym machine guarantees maximum effectiveness and maximum safety, all without having to wait for the cross-country ski slopes to be covered with snow. Those who have already used the legendary Concept 2 Indoor Rower in the past will find the same sensations in using the SkiErg: also, in this case there is no engine, even here the whole body is involved, and there is no impact, with a regular movement, that can also be excellent for all people who, having suffered leg injuries, can freely reduce the level of involvement of the legs (it is possible to use the SkiErg even while kneeling or sitting!). In this category, in addition to the SkiErg, you will also find the original platform to move and install the machine in a simple and safe way.

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