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Fixed Benches

How should a gym fixed bench be? What are the characteristics that set the difference between a mediocre, if not completely insufficient, flat bench and an optimal bench? Well, the factors to be taken into consideration are numerous, but not as many as those for choosing a multifunctional bench: the fixed bench, in fact, does not have movable or tilting parts, and therefore, in general, it is 'simpler' than its colleagues. First of all, it is a must to consider the materials the bench was built with. So let's talk about the structure, that must be made of steel in order to withstand years of heavy exercises, such as those that are executed on the bench by athletes who practice Powerlifting: we are talking about benches that have to bear very heavy weights! In addition to the material of the structure, one must think of the bolts - to prevent them from breaking or bending over time - and of the seat, that must be comfortable and at the same time must offer a solid support. It must also be washable without risks, in order to remain beautiful over time. The fixed bench you will purchase must also have a maximum weight allowed that's high enough, such as not to deny certain exercises, must be guaranteed, and must have the right measurements: the perfect height from the ground of a fixed bench is in fact 46 cm. Do we really need to say the fixed benches of Lacertosus® perfectly comply with all these criteria?

Fixed flat benches for weight lifting

Our Flat Bench is essential, without frills, and is designed for all athletes looking for a fixed bench for crosses, dumbbell pushes, pull-overs, oarsman and abdominal exercises, plus a whole series of exercises with or without the barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. The greater the simplicity of a flat bench, the greater the number of dumbbell and bodyweight exercises you can do! To make this flat bench practical, to be able to move it comfortably from one location to another in your gym, we have installed two solid wheels on the side, to be able to lift and move it without any complications. If instead you are looking for a professional bench for Powerlifting, you have to look at our Training Powerlifting Bench, a real monster able to withstand the highest loads without blinking, always providing all the support necessary for the lifter. Sturdy like no other, this bench has a very high density padding, and is therefore perfect even for the strongest lifters.

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240 € - 510 €