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Carrello Lacertosus Vuoto
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Lat Machine & Cables

Do you know what the great strength of the Lat machine is? It is to be able to work with different grips, being able to diversify the workouts, as well as to make the Lat machines perfect for both beginners and for the more experienced. Used in the fitness world as in that of Bodybuilding, Lat machines, with their cables and adjustable weights, are designed to act mainly on the back, and in particular on the large back. In order for the exercise to be truly effective, the Lat machine must be used in the correct way: the chest must be kept outwards, the back must be arched without being hypertensive, to then be relaxed in the final part of the exercise, when, the arms are located at the highest point. Breathing is obviously also important: it is necessary to inhale in the ascent phase and exhale in the descent phase. Those who opt for the supine grip do it to activate the biceps: basically with this grip you can lift more, but the elbows will inevitably be subjected to greater stress. Using the Lat machine with a prone grip, on the other hand, directs the work towards the back muscles. Widening the grip makes the exercise more and more difficult, going to stimulate the rhomboids and adductors. It should be emphasized that many people neglect Lat machines thinking they can simply replace them with bar exercises. However, it must be emphasized that the two exercises are different: on the one hand, in fact, the trunk is fixed, on the other it is in motion, with a different involvement of the stabilizing muscles. And we certainly cannot forget that with Lat machines it is possible to vary the weight, which is obviously impossible in the case of the bar!

A quality Lat machine

In this section we therefore want to introduce you to the cable machines of our brand, starting precisely from our Club Line Lat Machine: you need to know that these machines are to be ordered,they can be aesthetically customized to merge perfectly with the style of your gym. Our Lat machine features a tested and noiseless mechanism, an extremely robust structure, and a possibility to load up to 120 kilograms. On this page, however, we don't just show you the Lat machine: if you look futher, you can also find the Cable Cross Over Club Line, which provides up to 70 kilograms per column, with both low and high cable outputs. A real dream for those who practice fitness and bodybuilding!

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