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Pubblicato il 25 Mar
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How to create your gym

Whether you are a Neofiter, a Powerlifter or a CrossFitter, Lacertosus will always offer you the best solution.  Having your home gym won’t be just a dream anymore !!

Follow our tips and build your garage gym !!

Practical guide to the Home gym

Training in a commercial gym isn’t always the best choice. The majority of the gyms are structured for the average user. If you are an athlete of a higher level,you could find some trouble progressing with your trainings.

Most people go to the gym a few times a week and train without any direction or guidance and that’s why they never improve.

Their body composition never changes, their trainings never change and they can’t understand why they can’t make progress. To keep on doing the same thing over and over again and expecting results, simply isn’t right. You need to work on your flaws and your lacks to improve yourself, day by day.

Here’s where your Home gym can help you, there you can comfortably perform all of your exercises, focusing on the ones that you need to improve.

Obvioulsy, there are some exceptions. Maybe you’re lucky enough to train in a “special” gym open to the public and suited for more skilled athletes and, for example, made for olympic weightlifting or for CrossFit.


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Home gym for Neofiters

if you’re meaning to enter the world of physical excercise or even sports in general, and you’re considering building your own home gym, we suggest you choose carefully the accessories and the tools to begin with. Avoid spending money on complicated solutions. Our tip is to begin with a few, right things. Start with a power rack like this one. As you can see, the price is really great and you can easily complete your station with one of our adjustable benches. Good, now the only thing left is a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a barbell with weights here you can find our full selection.

Home gym for Powerlifters

Let’s take for example, Powerlifters. Most highly competitive powerlifters, thise who don’t have the luck to be near one of these gyms, train in small garage-styled room with minimal equipment.
There aren’t any rows of machines that isolate every muscle group, mirrors,ellipticals, extravagant changing rooms, hot tubs or swimming pools or a ton of distractions. Only the basic equipment to become stronger.

Home gym for CrossFitters

CrossFit and home gyms are like bread and jam. Nobody knows better than a CrossFitter how useful home gyms can be. As everybody knows, CrossFit is made of different, high intensity movements. In CrossFit’s workouts you can find different types of exercises, like powerlifting or gymnastics

What shouldn’t be missing in a CrossFitter’s home gym is a pull-up bar, a wall pull up bar or adjustable pull-up, a pair of barbells: one for Powerlifting and one for Crosstraining. Here you can find all of our barbell selection for all types of sport. A set of bumbers, here all of our models, and a couple dumbbells.

Also, it could be useful getting some kettelbells, these are the best, and a pair of gym ring  for the muscle up to hook on the ceiling or a self-supporting rig , this can also act as a power rack, a pull-up bar and to support the rings. That’s why we suggest you to take into consideration buying a good rig to assolve all of these duties.


home gym lacertosus

Then, How do i do it?

Well, you will need time to put together everything that you need to get the perfect home gym, but that isn’t a problem. The best way to do it, is to do it step-by-step.
Also, keep in mind that as you’re building your training sanctuary, you might need to keep on training in a different gym until you have everything that you need to be independent from commercial gyms.

Let’s suppose that your exercises of the day are: squats, deadlifts and press.

The first step should be beginning the project with a power rack, here you can find one of our models ( nice, safe and affordable), a good barbell here you can find our full selection fit for every need, a couple of plates, a flat or adjustable bench like this one. We suggest you specific plates, like the ones from our competition series, made for a specific usage, and no bumpers since they can limit the amount of weight we think you can lift. If this is the case, we also suggest you to buy a rig (this is our best one) to also perform other types of exercises.

Lastly, a set of dumbbells here you can find our full selection to train the remaining strips of muscle and a stability piattaforma and/or pedana during your liftings and to protect your floor and your equipment.


As you can see, there are tons of possible layouts. The only limit to your home gym is your imagination. Choose comfortably what you need. Write down your dreams and believe in them.
We are specialists in the making of home gyms and garage gyms. You will be pleasantly surprised by our professionalism and the prices of our products.
We are confident that we can realize your dreams with high-quality products and without compromises.

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to get the best offre. One of the members of our staff will be at your disposal to offer the assistance you need.